Wood's Gravity Method

Wood's gravity method

What is Wood's Gravity Method?

The Woods Gravity Method, the original method of Colon Hydrotherapy, is a natural approach using gravity instead of machines to clean the colon through a continuous, gentle flow of warm water. It is a manual therapy that allows for feedback, dialogue, between the client, your body and the therapist.

The objectives of Gravity Colon Hydrotherapy are:

- Eliminating waste matter;

- Retraining and toning of the musculature of the colon, which is responsible for proper elimination (ideally 3 times a day);

- Complete detoxification of body, liver and blood through reaching the blind end of the bowel over a series of sessions.

Wood's gravity method

What makes it different?

Wood's gravity method the most effective form of colon hydrotherapy because it's a therapist guided therapy that allows for dialogue, feedback, and adjustments between the client, your body and the therapist.

The effectiveness of Wood's Gravity Method comes from it's ability to:

1. Effectively eliminate waste matter;

2. Retrain and tone of the musculature of the colon (which is responsible for proper elimination of ideally 3 times a day)

And as a result complete detoxification of the body, liver and blood through safely and gentle reaching the back end of the bowel, and flushing the years of build up.

Wood's gravity method

How It Works

Wood's Gravity Method is a therapy whereby we are pumping the colon tube and this pumping is reminding the muscle memory how to work again so that the peristalsis, that muscular action that creates the bowel movement, can re-enliven which is very exciting.  

It can be three sessions and by the 3rd session, the tube is pumping on its own.

So the second intention is to rehabilitate the bowel muscle to strengthen you for afterwards which is very different from the machine which actually weakens the muscle of the colon.

This is a therapy for strengthening.When it comes out, it’s like an atomic bomb mud slide and then it goes really slow.  Before it happens, people might get chills or feel nauseous but then it releases and you’re like wow that was so good.

One release of the Cecum is estimated as the release of one year of your life in toxins; not that it can really be measured, but it gives you an idea.

Sometimes you can have two Cecum releases in one session.

This was a rubbish bin which, for most of your life, has not only been full but overflowing so all of a sudden it’s emptied.  

It sends a message to your body that it’s time to dump so finally that toxicity you had from inside, or had stored from outside toxins, all of this gets a way out.  That’s why you need to have a series of colonics which is often misunderstood.  

One time is better than none, although it may only be the tip of the iceberg for some.Once works for constipation but not for detoxification, which is what it should be used for because colon hydrotherapy is the most preventative form of therapy you can imagine, you need to come back for a series because the body empties, refills, empties refills, this is the most effective and efficient way to remove the tremendous amount of toxicity that we are carrying around.