Probiotic Implants


what is A Probiotic Implant?

Probiotic Implants are a unique add-on option available to you after undergoing colon hydrotherapy. This isn't merely an extra; it's a vital step toward restoring your gut's microbial balance and enhancing its health.

In a Probiotic Implant, a solution rich in beneficial bacteria is introduced into your colon. By bypassing stomach acidity, this direct delivery method stands as the most effective method to "ingest" probiotics today.

It ensures a higher survival rate for these beneficial microbes, thus significantly improving your gut ecology.

Direct Delivery for Maximum Effectiveness

Why Choose This Add-on?

Adding a Probiotic Implant to your colon hydrotherapy session is the perfect way to reset your gut microbiome. It serves as a re-seeding process, populating your colon with beneficial bacteria, which are essential for optimal gut function.

Your Path to a Healthier Gut

Probiotic Implant Benefits

Microbiome Restoration: Rebalances your gut flora.
Improved Gut Health: Enhances your body's nutrient absorption.
Better Digestion: Aids in breaking down food more effectively.
Boosted Immune Function: Strengthens your body's natural defences.
Mental Well-being: Associated with improved mood and reduced anxiety.
Reduced Bloating: Helps manage and reduce gas and bloating.
Anti-inflammatory Properties: Fights inflammation in the gut.
Enhanced Nutrient Synthesis: Facilitates the synthesis of essential vitamins.
Lowered Risk of Infections: Helps in warding off harmful pathogens.

The Science Behind It

How It Works

Probiotic Implants work by populating your colon with “good” bacteria. These microbes play a pivotal role in digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune response, effectively complementing the cleaning action of colon hydrotherapy.

Is This for You?

Who Can Benefit?

- Individuals with a disrupted gut microbiome due to antibiotics or poor diet.

- Those suffering from
digestive issues like IBS or chronic bloating.

Anyone looking to elevate the effectiveness of their regular colon hydrotherapy session.

Performed After Hydrotherapy

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Implants & Hydrotherapy

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price per session
  • 60 minute session
    with hydrotherapy and probiotic implant
  • The session will be performed intuitively and optimised to suit your current digestive health.
  • All sessions come with:
    - Warm cup of tea
    - Introductory overview to the process
    - Open dialogue with our therapist to make you feel at ease and answer all your questions.