Wheat Grass Enema


what is A Wheat grass enema

Wheat Grass Enema is a specialised add-on service that we provide after your colon hydrotherapy session. This quick yet powerful treatment amplifies the benefits of your standard colon hydrotherapy session.

This quick yet powerful treatment amplifies the benefits of your standard colon hydrotherapy session.

This powerful service employs a blend of wheatgrass juice, injected into the colon using specialised equipment. The potent nutrients in wheatgrass interact with your colon in a manner that amplifies the benefits of your standard colon hydrotherapy.

the Healing Powers of Wheat Grass

Why Choose This Add-on?

Getting a Wheat Grass Enema on top of your standard hydrotherapy supercharges the cleansing process.

It introduces beneficial enzymes and nutrients directly into the colon, enhancing detoxification and overall gut health.

Your Path to a Healthier You

Wheat Grass Enema Benefits

Improved Digestive Health: Aids in the digestion process.

Amplified Detoxification: Heightens your body's natural cleansing processes.

Rich in Nutrients: Infuses the colon with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Oxygenates Blood: Increases red blood cells for better circulation.

Anti-inflammatory Properties: Helps alleviate inflammation in the colon.

Balances pH Levels: Aids in maintaining an alkaline environment.

Enhanced Immune Function: Provides a boost to your body's natural defenses
Better Mental Clarity: Offers a natural uplift in mental focus and concentration.

Increased Energy Levels: Helps to alleviate fatigue and increase stamina.

Skin Benefits: Contributes to healthier skin from the inside out.

The Science Behind It

How It Works

Wheatgrass is packed with beneficial elements like chlorophyll, enzymes, and amino acids. These compounds synergise together inside your colon, aiding in detoxification, promoting healthy gut flora, and enriching your blood with oxygen.

Is This for You?

Who Can Benefit?

- Those struggling with digestive issues such as IBS or constipation.

- Individuals seeking to improve their immunity.

- Anyone interested in enhancing the effectiveness of their regular colon hydrotherapy session.

Performed After Hydrotherapy

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Wheat Grass
Enema & Hydrotherapy

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price per session
  • 75 minute session
    with hydrotherapy and wheat grass enema
  • The session will be performed intuitively and optimised to suit your current digestive health.
  • All sessions come with:
    - Warm cup of tea
    - Introductory overview to the process
    - Open dialogue with our therapist to make you feel at ease and answer all your questions.