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Experience the magic of Wood's Gravity Method —offered exclusively at Brisbane's only dedicated clinic.


I want to scream the benefits to the world!!! (and I’m only 2 sessions deep). I feel amazing and it is so good/satisfying to see all the nasties leave the body. I am officially addicted 😍 Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t speak more highly of gravity colon therapy, Krystie, or the beautiful little clinic at Albany Creek.

a year ago

Not Just a Treatment — A Lifestyle Transformation

Experience our Exclusive Hydrotherapy Method

Welcome to Gravity Colon Therapy, where you experience more than just a cleanse.

Our Queensland exclusive Wood's Gravity Method offers a transformative colon hydrotherapy journey that strengthens your colon and enhances your digestive resilience. Feel immediate refreshment and long-term health benefits. Ready for a stronger, happier you?

Discover Why Our Clients Swear by Wood's Gravity Method

Who is Colon

Colon hydrotherapy is for anyone in search of feeling enhanced well-being.

Whether you're battling persistent symptoms or simply aiming for a wellness boost, our doors are wide open to you.

Feeling just a bit off even after medical consultations? Frustrated with healthcare providers unable to pinpoint the root of your issues?

If these challenges sound familiar, a holistic and natural colon hydrotherapy treatment could be the missing piece in your wellness journey.

I want to scream the benefits to the world!!! (and I’m only 2 sessions deep). I feel amazing and it is so good/satisfying to see all the nasties leave the body. I am officially addicted 😍 Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t speak more highly of gravity colon therapy, Krystie, or the beautiful little clinic at Albany Creek.

a year ago

Gut Health: Your Body's Control centre for Wellness.

what is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is a 100% natural colon cleanse that sweeps away the waste and toxins that may have built up in your colon for years. Think of it as hitting the “mega-refresh” button on your digestive system.

But let's set the record straight: no treatment does the healing; your body is the real healer.‍

So what does colon hydrotherapy do then? It removes the hurdles plaguing your digestive system, paving the way for natural healing.

Why is this crucial? Because a robust digestive system is your first line of defense for holistic well-being.

It's the central hub where you process food and derive energy—essentially, where our life energy begins.

What does the colon hydrotherapy process look like?

During your session, our highly-experienced and certified therapists gently introduce warm water into your colon to flush out waste and toxins.

Your comfort is our priority, and rest assured, the session occurs in a safe and private environment.

So take a moment, breathe deeply, and allow us to cleanse your body of the hidden toxins that modern life deposits in our food, water, and very air.

Click here to virtually discover our hydrotherapy process.

Natural vs Machines: What Really Works Best?

Why We ditched Machines for Wood's Gravity Method

Over the past decade, Krystie, our founder, has mastered various hydrotherapy methods, ranging from:

- Closed colonics with machines
- Closed colonics with machines and gravity
- Open colonics

But her perspective shifted entirely when she was introduced to Wood's Gravity Method.

Here's what happened:

- People started talking about how relaxed they felt during the sessions—no more squirming in discomfort!

- For those always feeling a bit 'off' with gut problems, relief finally seemed to stick around longer.

- More and more client's began relying less and less on colonics and digestive and as their digestion returned to it's natural rhythm.

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what symptoms does colon hydrotherapy help with?

Irregular Bowel Movements
Food Allergies
Yeast Overgrowth (Candida)
Acid Reflux (Heartburn)
Slow Metabolism
Difficulty Losing Weight
Chronic Sinus Congestion
Frequent UTIs
Frequent Colds
Joint Pain
Skin Problems
Headaches & Migraines
Body Odor
Bad Breath
Trouble Concentrating
Bad Memory
Difficulty Sleeping
Daytime Sleepiness
Easily Distracted
Mood Swings
Lack of Motivation
Trouble Concentrating

GRAVITY Colon Therapy

fast and long lasting
symptom relief

calm your mind

Our gut and brain are intricately linked. Colon hydrotherapy purifies your digestive system and can significantly reduce your anxiety levels.


Instant and lasting relief from symptoms of IBS, constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, and various other digestive disorders by addressing the root cause and reducing inflammation.


A clean colon results in a calmer mind and body, paving the way for deeper, more rejuvenating sleep.


Clearing toxins and reducing inflammation makes your mind work more efficiently, allowing for better focus and clearer thinking.


Bad breath is often a sign of digestive issues. A clean colon likely means no more bad breath.


By eliminating toxins, colon hydrotherapy rejuvenates your skin, improving complexion and tackling acne-causing bacteria.

nATURAL weight loss

Colon hydrotherapy assists your body in shedding excess fat by improving your metabolism and flushing out waste and toxins.


Experience lasting relief from persistent symptoms by improving your body's natural ability to heal.

hydrotherapy services WE OFFER


  • Colon hydrotherapy is possibly the most essential cleanse for individuals who have eaten a modern diet for a pro-longed period in their life.

*Performed iN ADDITION TO YOUR Hydrotherapy

Gut Health Boosters

  • Wheat grass enema introduces beneficial enzymes and nutrients directly into the colon, enhancing detoxification and overall gut health.
  • Provides an energy boost and revitalises your colon and your overall sense of well-being.
  • Probiotic Implants re-seeds and repopulates your colon with healthy bacteria.
Very first appointment with them and it was amazing.
I’m struggling heaps with internal problems and this is helping me so much.
I’ve found this is the only thing that works.
- Shanoah J.


Who We Are

Krystie, our founder, transformative shift in her lifestyle and health through the powerful benefits of hydrotherapy, Krystie became deeply committed to helping others.

Her passion is simple yet impactful: to guide people toward a higher quality of life on their own healing journey.

Photo of Krystie, the owner of gravity colon therapy standing at the door smiling at camera